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  • The Martian 
  • The Selection 
In the Future

Next Blog Post…?

image.jpgMy next blog post will probably be 1984 by George Orwell. This may take longer for me to read because I have to annotate…sorry. It is a classic book that was written before 1984. The author George Orwell writes about the future and Big Brother who watches over the citizens. BEWARE THE THOUGHT POLICE. This classic novel has many parallels to today!


One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus

image.jpgThis book is definitely a thriller that keeps you questioning everything to the end. Think Pretty Little Liars, Breakfast Club, and 13 Reasons Why. This is the perfect book to follow these books/tv shows if you were interested!

The four characters in question (Nate, Bronwyn, Cooper, and Addy) were your stereotypical high schoolers. Simon was the man with all the dirt on everyone. He had an app About That where he posted the truths about people…even personal secrets. One day in dentention, Simon suffers an allergic reaction and dies later in the hospital. Peanut oil was coated in his cup and he does…but only four other people were in the room when it happened.

Prepare for a whirlwind story where you go on a journey to find Simon’s murder. The characters grow as the my are questioned by police authority and become close due to their dire situation. This book has you to the end.

Mystery: check

Predictibility: depends

Lovable Characters: check

Romance: check

Ending: 9 out of 10